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The Vengeance
The Kahn Vengeance is a coachbuilt coupe which represents a stunning synthesis of modern engineering and classic streamlined design. Inspired by the Aston Martin designs of the 1980s and 90s, the Vengeance represents British designer Afzal Kahn's lifelong pursuit to design the car he has always wanted to drive.
Quotes From the Press
"The two-seat sports car has received a reworked exterior that's completely hand built."
Sam Sheehan, Autocar

"Kahn is back with a Vengeance at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show"
James Batchelor, Auto Express

"Rather makes the new Aston DB11 look demure, doesn't it?"
Stephen Dobie, BBC Top Gear

"The kind of fresh appearance that, visually speaking, allows it to sit up there with the new DB11."
Andrei Tutu Editor, Auto Evolution

"There is a long and rich history of specialist coach-built Aston Martins, and we wish Kahn every success with the Vengeance."
Gary Archer, Purchasing Director, Aston Martin Lagonda

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